Top 10 most expensive foods from around the world

Have you ever spontaneously and impulsively wanted to buy something with the title as ‘the most expensive in the world’? Let's just say you've come to the right place. We have crafted the top 10 crazy expensive foods from around the world. So get ready for a wild ride, this is going to take you places you have never imagined.


Travel Hacks: The benefits of a prepaid travel card

When planning an international holiday, there are a few things that often get left until the last minute or put in the 'too hard basket' for future you to deal with. One of them is packing your bags, but everyone knows you pack best under pressure with only 30 minutes before you leave for your flight. The other is understanding and purchasing your foreign currency for the holiday ....

What to do with your leftover foreign currency?

A moment of silence for all of the foreign currency mindlessly tossed aside at the end of a trip. I know I’m not the only one that has unpacked my bags from a trip and stared at a pile of leftover foreign currency wondering what on earth to do with it. Quite often it’s thrown into ‘the drawer’. Everyone has one. The perfect resting place for things that don’t really have a specific home; a graveyard for items that are no longer useful, but aren’t useless enough to be thrown in the bin....

What kind of Holiday Spender are you?

We know everyone has a preferred style of travel, whether it’s relaxing in all-inclusive resorts, diving into adrenaline pumping activities or immersing themselves into new cultural experiences. This behavior stretches further than just accommodation and activity choices though, as each individual definitely has their own spending style when on a holiday overseas. We’ve compiled a list of the common spenders we have come across