What to do with your leftover foreign currency?


A moment of silence for all of the foreign currency mindlessly tossed aside at the end of a trip. 

I know I’m not the only one that has unpacked my bags from a trip and stared at a pile of leftover foreign currency wondering what on earth to do with it. Quite often it’s thrown into ‘the drawer’. Everyone has one. The perfect resting place for things that don’t really have a specific home; a graveyard for items that are no longer useful, but aren’t useless enough to be thrown in the bin. 

Depending on how well you budgeted and planned your expenses, you can be left with a few measly coins and a crumpled up note or a pretty decent pile of bills. 

Leftover Foreign Notes

Option 1 – Exchange them for Indian Rupees

Whether you’ve arrived home with a fist full of British Pounds or American Dollars, we love all foreign cash. There are different types of foreign money we’ll happily buy from you if you’ve managed to keep it in one piece. The best bit is that you’ll get Indian Rupee in return, perfect for kick-starting the savings for your next holiday. 

Selling your foreign currency back to Travel Money India is easy

  • Step 1: Take the foreign banknotes out of your pocket, wallet or sock drawer
  • Step 2: Bring those notes to your nearest Travel Money India store and exchange using the buy rate of the day.
  • Step 3: Sell your foreign currency for INR 
  • Step 4: Deposit into your savings, go on a spending spree or buy more foreign currency for your next trip. 

The best time to exchange is when the Indian rupee isn’t doing so great because it means you’ll get more bang for your buck – the opposite of when you want to purchase foreign currency. 

Option 2 – Spend up big at the airport

If you’ve clued on to your extra cash before boarding the plane to come home, there are a few ways to spend up big at the airport.  

  • Souvenirs: why not grab some last-minute mementos for friends, family or yourself? 
  • Magazines and books: Kill time on the flight with a new murder mystery.
  • Starbucks cards: Rumor has it you can load up a Starbucks card and use it around the world at any of their cafes.
  • Eat: Let’s face it, plane food is pretty, well, plain. Wine and dine yourself at the airport, or challenge your travel buddies to see how many cheeseburgers you can eat. You may feel sick, but you may also be lulled into a food coma just in time for the flight. Win/Win really. 

Leftover Foreign Coins

Coming home with jingling pockets full of now seemingly useless coins can seem like a bit of a burden, but there are actually a few funky things you could be doing with your spare foreign change. Like:

Option 1 – Spend up big at airport vending machines

Foreign vending machines are a whole new world to explore, so be sure to check it out and let us know if you find something exciting in the big bad vending machine world. 

Option 2 – Use the coins to decorate your house

There’s a story told in Cuba about one of the old sugar barons who was so wealthy that he decided to cover the floors of his home in gold coins. When told this wasn’t allowed because people would effectively be walking on the face of the king on the currency, he turned each coin on its side and laid them side by side like that throughout his mansion. 

You probably won’t come home from holidays that ballin’, but coins can be easily made into wind chimes, magnets and other cool decorations, serving as the perfect memory of your epic trip. 

Surprise Yourself and Others

It is surprising sometimes you are trying to find change for your ride and come across some foreign currency coins in your wallet. Have you accidently tried to pay for something with another country’s currency coins or notes. Indians are really nice, but not so generous to accept Indonesian rupees for your rickshaw ride or a pani puri

What about money left on my Travel Money Forex Card? 

We’re glad you asked! Luckily the Travel Money Forex card is designed precisely for these types of moments. We know that we don’t usually stop at one holiday, which is why your Travel Money Forex card is valid for up to 3 years .This means you can leave your foreign currency on your Forex Card with no sweat, or you can transfer it back to INR.