Buying and managing Your card

Order a Currency Card from a Travel Money Oz store or website


Initial funds load (a reload fee is payable for subsequent loads after a card is issued)


Making a purchase in same currency as loaded onto your Card (some merchants may charge you a fee)


Card balances via Key to the World portal


Transaction history via Key to the World portal


Balance enquiries at ATMs, both International and Domestic (some ATM operators may charge you a direct fee for using the ATM∞)


Inactivity fee



Using your card

Reloading your Card instore 

Up to 1.1% of the total amount*

Reloading your Card online with Key to the World

Up to 1.1% of the total amount*

Reloading your Card using BPAY

1% of the reload amount*

International ATM withdrawal fee (outside Australia∞)

Differs per currency#

Domestic ATM withdrawal fee (using your Card to make a withdrawal from ATMs in Australia from your AUD currency)

2.95% of the amount withdrawn^

Negative balance fee


Cash out fee (when you close your card and cash out your balance)


Currency to Currency foreign exchange rate (charged each time you cash out any amount on your card other than by ATM)

At the then applicable retail foreign exchange rate.

Currency Conversion Fee (when a purchase or ATM withdrawal is conducted in a currency either not loaded or sufficient to complete)

MasterCard rate plus a margin of 5.95%^ of the transaction value.