ICICI Multi-Currency Prepaid Card

This Multi-Currency Prepaid card can be loaded with multiple foreign currency wallets for quick and convenient transactions in any part of the world. This card is powered by ICICI Bank.

Features & Benefits

Single card for all your transactions: This Multi-Currency Prepaid card can be loaded with multiple currency wallets supporting 15 major currencies.

Enhanced security: The card comes with an embedded chip for an extra layer of security. All ATM transactions are protected with a 4- digit and swipe transactions with signature based protection.

Pre-activated E-commerce Transactions: This ready to transact card eliminates the need to activate for e-commerce transactions.

Automatic currency detection: Transact in the currency of your location without having to set any specific currency.

Real time SMS and email alerts: Keep track of all your transactions easily.

Replacement card: A free replacement card is given as stand-by with the main card so you’re never stuck. 

Protection against loss of card: Report loss of card and block it in real time through a dedicated Customer Self Care Web Portal. The lost card/ counterfeit liability cover is of up to INR 2 lacs.

Customer Care: Avail of 24X7 Customer Service with international toll free number at 16 major locations.