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Calculate Your Exchange Rates

Want to know what today's exchange rate is for INR to USD? Or want to see how many Pounds you might get for your Indian Rupees so that you can work out your holiday budget?

Not to worry, you can do this easily with our online exchange rate calculator below. No multiplication or division needed, just select your currency and the amount and off you go. And, if you're happy with the rate, you can lock it in and buy your foreign currency online straight away, and then just pick it up from any of our stores or get it delivered to your doorstep.

Buy versus sell rates?

With our online currency exchange calculator, you can see the rates for different foreign currencies against Indian Rupees. These are known as our buy rates, because you are buying foreign currency from us at these rates. If you need to sell foreign currency to us, in exchange for INR - either because you have some left over from your holiday, or because you are visiting Indiaand need more travel funds - then we can help you with this transaction at any of our Travel Money stores across India.

We also featuree online sell rates published on our website (they are known as sell rates because you are trying to sell foreign currency to us). To sell foreign exchange, you can Contact your nearest Travel Money store orcall us on 1800 200 6668.

FAQs - Foreign Currency Explained

Would you like to learn more about the difference between a buy and sell rate? How about why the rates you see on TV are different to the rates displayed on our website or in our stores?

Follow the link below to head to our FAQ page and unravel all of the jargon, and get to the bottom of all of your foreign currency questions.