Travel Money Forex Card

Welcome to a world where money knows no borders! Gather all your international currency and put them away for good. Because this smooth little piece of plastic is going to change how you carry and spend your money while travelling abroad, forever.

With the Travel Money Forex Card in your wallet, everything around the world is just a swipe away. This single card lets you spend in 10 different currencies world over and comes with a host of benefits and ease of use - making travelling abroad easy like never before. Not only this, you can use the card at more than 36 million shopping outlets, 1.6 million ATMs where Visa Cards are accepted and at international e-commerce websites.

The 10 Currencies include:

 US Dollars  Euro
Great Britain Pounds Saudi Riyal
Singapore Dollars Emirates Dirham
Australian Dollars Canadian Dollars
Japanese Yen Thai Baht

Some of the incredible features this card comes with are:

  • One ATM PIN and Internet Login to manage all the currencies on your card
  • Reload and use the card for up to 3 years
  • Highest levels of security with embedded chip
  • Facility to encash the balance on your card
  • Instant transaction alert through Email/SMS
  • NFC which enables contactless payment

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