Travel Card, Currency Notes & Cheques to Carry Money Abroad

Travel Money India offers you the choice of three convenient ways to carry your money abroad. You can choose one or more of these; depending on how long you’re travelling for and how much money you require. 

Multi-Currency Travel Cards:

These prepaid cards work just like debit cards and are perfect for carrying large sums of money. What’s more, you can load more than one currency, and use the same card for all your trips.

  • Loads upto 10 different currencies
  • Allows top-up from any location
  • Enables e-commerce transactions
  • Protected by chip and security pin
  • Comes with Replacement Card and 24x7 global support
  • SMS alerts for every transaction
  • Accepted at ATMs and merchant outlets worldwide
  • Helps keep track of expenditure

Currency Notes:

Buy foreign exchange in big and small denominations or encash your unspent foreign exchange currency. It’s always useful to have currency notes in hand for smaller expenses like public transport or buying a quick meal from a neighborhood eatery. 
  • All leading currencies available
  • Best exchange rates
  • Instant availability 
  • Easy delivery and payment options

Travellers Cheques: 

A safer alternative to cash, travellers cheques require your signature and help keep track of expenditure. 

  • Signature based transactions 
  • Can be replaced within 24 hours 
  • Widely accepted at merchant outlets across the world 
  • Keep track of your expenditure